Reynolds and Reynolds
Automate is the real time Windows® based DMS designed specifically for Automotive dealerships, companies and dealer groups. Automate has been designed to be effective for all sizes and types of franchise. Automate gives you instant access to management reports giving actual data on screen or in WindowsT spreadsheet formats when you need them.

The core software modules of Automate include: marketing (CRM), accounts, vehicle and parts sales, stock management, service and workshop diary and service management.

Automate delivers real benefits in terms of ease of use and implementation; real time on-line MIS enables tight control, integrated modules provide seamless data transfer and control. Automate integrates fully with Target CRM/CCRM and together they provide an information and marketing framework designed to maximise profitability, efficiencies and customer loyalty.

Automate Endorsements
Automate has been endorsed by major motor manufacturers including: Vauxhall (GM) ,Citroen Peugeot (PSA), Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Ford. The integrated CRM software is well received across the industry.

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