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"Reynolds 200 Club Raise Money for Charity"

Associates Take Part in at Least 200 Minutes of Weekly Exercise for Sports Relief

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We held two fundraising events to benefit Sport Relief, a charity in the U.K. that helps vulnerable people, across the UK and the world, to live happier, healthier, and safer lives. Each year the charity holds a week of fundraising events. This year March 17th to 23rd, was Sport Relief week.

The first event was an 11 week exercise challenge. Known as the 200 Minute Club, the challenge required participants to complete at least 200 minutes of exercise in at least 8 of the 11 weeks. The challenge started on January 1st, and was designed to help people get fit and lose weight gained over the holidays.

The second event occurred on March 23rd. In exchange for a charitable donation, associates were allowed to come to work in casual clothes.

Pictured to the left are some of the associates who participated in the 200 Minute Club challenge.
The 200 Minute Club was designed to help associates increase the amount of time they spend exercising. Organised by Paul Hammersley, he kept associates motivated throughout the challenge. On the January 1st 39 associates started the challenge to complete at least 200 minutes of exercise in 8 of the 11 weeks. Of these associates, 36 successfully completed the challenge, while 16 associates completed the full 11 weeks.

Collectively these 36 associates spent a total of 138,190 minutes, that's a whopping 95 days, 23 hours and 10 minutes of exercise over the 11 week period. For a single person to have achieved this, they would have had to start exercising at 00:50 on the December 13th 2017 and have not stopped until midnight on March 18th 2018.

In addition, several associates set individual goals with much higher weekly exercise targets, with some associates setting records for the most minutes of exercise logged compared to previous years. During the 11 weeks, 51% of participants managed to log at least 1 week of over 500 minutes (8 hours and 20 minutes).

Finishing in-line with Sports Relief week, associates raised money by gaining sponsorship to complete at least 8 of the 11 weeks. Raising money for the Sports Relief charity gave associates an additional incentive to complete the challenge and help a good cause as the money is used to tackle critical issues affecting people in the UK and World-wide.
Notable achievements were:
  • Graham White successfully completed a total of 10,022 minutes (167 hours and 2 minutes) - beating the highest total from the previous 200 minute challenge (in 2016)
  • Jane Dempsey logged 147 hours and 25 minutes over the 11 weeks, also beating the previous high score. She also completed over 1,000 minutes in the final 3 weeks.
  • Paul Hammersley logged the highest individual week with 25 hours and 8 minutes.
Collectively completed 95 days, 23 hours and 10 minutes of exercise
The Friday of Sports Relief week is traditionally the day when most of the fundraising is done. To further boost the amount of money raised we held a dress down day at the Birmingham office in exchange for a charitable donation, where associates were allowed to come into work in casual clothes.

The total amount raised for the Sport Relief charity by the two events was £1,012.
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