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"Starting the Workday just got Simpler"

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CA Showroom V9 - new dashboard, smoother offer builder and reduction in click throughs

How you start your day can affect how the rest of your day will go. That's why it's so important to create a productive morning routine that will allow you to make the most our of the business day and helps you maximise opportunities for the day ahead.

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your employees could have key information about the sales process as soon as you log into Contact Advantage, and all on one screen that you can create and customise, as you want? Well, you have that option now in the April 2020 release

One of the major updates made to the Contact Advantage software is a new customisable dashboard that provides visibility of all enquiry information in one location. Each employee or manager can configure his or her own homepage using the widget technology to their requirements. Not only does this update more convenient, saves valuable time but it also acts as a reminder of to reach their sales targets.

One of the key benefits is a considerable reduction in the number of screens a user needs to go through to action a task This allows tasks to be completed faster at the first point of call. We have also added a new Desktop Tools menu that will allow each user to access frequently used tasks that will speed up processes as well.
Watch our short video about the upcomming enhancements.
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2. New Customerisable Dashboard

One of the major updates included in this release is the ability for users to create a dashboard that suits their requirements. They can chose from an extensive suite of “components” that can be configured to provide a dynamic, real time view of operational data. The user can even decide the format and structure of how they would like the data to be displayed via a combination of graphs, icons and tables.

We have utilised the new widget concept to provide users with the increased flexibility generating more tailored views. There are two iterations available of the dashboard, one geared for executives and the other for management. This allows them to configure a “home” page that presents key data that drives them to complete tasks and meet targets (e.g. quick notification and easy access to handle newly arrived central leads).

In addition, there is an added function of being immediately notified as soon as new lead arrives, assiting staff to process faster. The enhanced the sign posting included within the software as well to simplify workflow for new users. Plus, a new Communication tools include iMessage dashboard, which displays the number of chats initiated, acknowledged and outstanding within a specified time period.
2. To Do List Improved Workflow

The new To Do List has an improved workflow between pre-sale and post-sale follow-ups as well as to the appointments made in the diary. The ability to resolve and plan the next action within the current work-flow has been improved. Users are able to display key time lines, enquiry creation, test drive date, sold date, handover date, etc., no need to enter summary page on every occasion and a better plan to action the next task.
3. New Diary Format to Assist Efficient Scheduling

The new Diary Format has a modern look and feel that delivers a concise overview all of appointments that are now colour coded to assist with efficient scheduling. This allows sales staff to get more done from the calendar enytry, i.e. you can now mark test drive as complete, support un-accompanied Test Drives and support re-occurring appointments from the updated diary system. It supports various quick views including all test-drives, all handovers and all non-customer appointments to make it easier to access infromation faster.
3. Offer builder (4-square)

Once taking the customer through the deal, users now have the ability to quote RCI payments from within N-Showroom (Renault & Nissan). In addition, it included the ability to transfer all the data collected so far to RCI Direct, avoiding the need to double key. We are currently working with Codeweavers to add functionality for other lenders into the deal builder to offers dealers more options.

The offer builder now displays up to three HP and two PCP plus cash on a single page with a clear explanation of the various options. The sales person is now able to manipulate the payment, period, rate or cash to achieve the required monthly payment. In addition, there is also easy access to video’s explaining both HP and PCP options

Based on the selected finance plan, the sales person can identify opportunities to up sell a range of dealer fitted accessories to the customer. Added the opportunity to print or email the customer a formal quotation.
5. Other Enhancements
In addition to this, a number of other key enhancements have been made to the Contact Advantage system, which will speed up the system usage as well as better mapping of tasks that will create fewer steps to complete. The full list includes: Other enhancements include;
  1. Instant notification of lead
  2. Access frequently used tasks from the new Desktop Tools menu.
  3. Add stock and valuation desktop
  4. Record lock and automatic enquiry closure
  5. E-sign documents
  6. CAP Blackbook instant valuations
If you need any help with any of these changes, please contact the support desk on 0121 483 2020 and the team will be happy to help.
This Article: Dealer News / Company News
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