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"Our Dealership is more Efficient and more Accountable"

Vindis Group cites better decision making with up-to-date real-time reporting as key benefit

Vindis Group, a family owned business with a network of Audi, Bentley, Ducati, ŠKODA, Seat and Volkswagen dealerships, chose Reynolds as their Dealer Management System (DMS) provider in 2013. Vindis were looking for a DMS that was powerful, modern and a secure investment for the future – POWER delivered all of these. We spoke to Vindis about their decision to move and their experiences with POWER.
“We undertook a major review of our DMS requirements and invited all the major providers to bid. Reynolds understands the way automotive retailing has evolved and impressed us with the scope and potential of their Retail Management System. Their highly professional approach to training, implementation and data transfer enabled us to feel confident in our decision."
Vindis introduced POWER to 600 users across 17 sites, moving from a 12 server solution with limited connectivity, to one server housed and managed by us. Vindis realised cost savings, increased peace of mind and system security, ultimately providing consistency, and the ability to share data and utilise real-time reporting both at dealership and group level. This helped Vindis create a strong foundation to manage every part of their business operations.
"POWER all works together; it shows us where every task is, when deals go to accounts, and who is doing the work. Every application works as it should without delay. It lets us process deals faster, close month end quicker and smoother, and sell more cars. As a result, we save time and resources, as well as increased security, reliability and reduced costs.”
A key efficiency gain for Vindis switching to POWER was centralising their accounts, without losing control of each business entity. The management reports help managers monitor their own department’s performance and maintain targets with the added security of only accessing their own data. In addition, senior managers can use the reporting suite to show side by side each dealership’s performance and compare it with other areas of the business. This helps Vindis identify anomalies that can be easily investigated using the drill down feature to display the specific accounting detail.
“POWER has dramatically improved our reporting capabilities therefore improved the ability to access information in real-time to make better business decisions. Being able to get an accurate look at our business every day helps us control costs and maintain profitability. We’ve seen huge savings in trouble areas as we monitor performance, identify issues and address them quickly.”
Our implementation consultants completed a multi-phased group install, helping staff ensure the highest level of functionality was used. This included planning meetings to ensure the DMS was aligned to Vindis’ business requirements, followed by regular review meetings to keep the project on track and multiple levels of training including online, classroom and on-site operator training, all replicating the live environment and Vindis’ own converted data - ensuring users were 100% comfortable with the system ahead of the launch.
Our consultants worked very closely with a great team of system champions assembled by Tim Potter, the Vindis project leader. Vindis hit the ground running as we conducted multiple comprehensive data conversions, which meant they were using live data in POWER from day one, with no double-keying or loss of productivity. The success of the install was a result of the hard work and attention to detail that our consultants and the Vindis team shared: good communication, clear ownership and positive leadership that were key to ensure tasks were completed on time. The final after-care stage was passed over to the Customer Support Centre and in-dealership expert to iron out any issues.
“One of the best things about POWER is the level of support Reynolds offer us. We know if we need them to help us, or make changes, they’re on hand. I simply do not know where we would be now had we not had their skills, support and hard work. Another benefit of POWER is that all system updates and improvements are free and we are always operating on the latest version unlike other DMS providers, where you have to pay to upgrade."
Vindis wanted a system that was a secure investment and evolved alongside changes in automotive retailing. As POWER users, Vindis will always be operating on the latest system, as we make regular DMS updates at no additional cost to dealers.

As the customer-dealer relationship continues to change, dealers are faced with more demanding and better-informed customers. Our main focus has always been to help dealers become better by delivering measurable results. We continue to expand our Retail Management System, providing a set of retailing solutions, uniquely integrated to our POWER DMS software.
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