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"Caffyns PLC extends contract"

Caffyns shifts to hosted server solution located at Reynolds, enabling increased security, maintenance, and back-up

Caffyns, one of the largest motor dealer groups in the south-east of England and a customer since 1993 have agreed to a multi-year extension of their current agreement.

Under the new agreement, Caffyns will continue to use the Reynolds POWER Dealership Management System (DMS) in its showrooms and will shift their POWER DMS from an in-house server to a hosted server located at Reynolds' headquarters in Birmingham.
In shifting to a hosted POWER DMS solution at Reynolds headquarters, Caffyns’ operations will be rendered more cost-effective. Reynolds will perform back-ups and maintenance, saving the customer time and resources, as well as providing increased security and reliability.

The extension follows the recent news that Caffyns installed Contact Advantage at 12 sites across Sussex and Kent, enabling key integration with their POWER DMS and creating a seamless experience from prospecting to lead management to completing the sale. Contact Advantage software enables dealerships and manufacturers to streamline the sales process from the initial enquiry though to the vehicle purchase with the ability to track every opportunity, ensuring it is managed efficiently.
“Our contract was up for renewal and there was some pressure to look at other DMS providers. We were adamant that we wouldn’t change the core of our operations and who we are and, ultimately, what Reynolds brings to the table best suits our vision moving forward. Key to our decision was the long-standing relationship with Reynolds, their products and gaining the complete integrated showroom.”
Simon Caffyn, Managing Director, Caffyns
Caffyns - eastbourne VW 2
Adele Feeney, Managing Director for Reynolds – UK Automotive, added that Caffyns’ choice will help the group save money and increase profit margins. “They will have more information readily available to help manage their business in real-time thanks to our system integration, plus the assurance that comes with a hosted DMS from Reynolds. With Caffyns, we look forward to helping every department make the most of the hosted DMS solution and utilise both systems proficiently,” said Adele.
Adele Feeney added that with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 25th May 2018, businesses’ processes for handling and protecting data are set for an overhaul. “Caffyns is better-positioned to meet compliance standards with minimal difficulty as the integration between Contact Advantage and POWER ensures prospect and customer records are totally in sync in both systems,” said Adele Feeney.

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