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"Is Your Accounting Department a Dino-Snore?"

Five Ways to Implement Technology in Your Office

Technology is having a larger impact on dealerships today than it has done so in the past. Most of the time the accounting department gets the short end of the technology stick. If we look back over the last ten to twenty years, chances are your accounting department hasn’t seen as many significant changes as the other areas in the dealership.

Overstuffed filing cabinets, scruffy office chairs, clunky computers, unbearable printers – these were the nightmares of your office manager. Does it really make sense to have a 21st century showroom, service department, and website while the office stays stuck in the 1980s?
Does it really make sense to have a 21st century showroom, service department and website, while the office stays stuck in the 1980s?
Since the accounting department isn’t customer-facing, dealers may not consider how technology could improve the department and the dealership. Often management think the change in the workplace is too slow and that the strategic benefits of new tools are over-looked. The attitude that technology is too difficult is out-dated, and that thinking will continue as long as you let it.
5 Ways to Update Your Accounting Department:
  1. Implement a more efficient telephone system:
    Provide your staff with the ability to recognise who is calling and what they may need before answering each call. Your staff will waste less time finding information if they already have it at their fingertips.
  2. Email vendors receivable statements, job cards and parts invoices:
    Give your vendors the ability to send invoices via email and pay them electronically. Using emails is much simpler than trying to print, mail, and track paper invoices and receipts.
  3. Use an electronic filing system to store documents for easy access:
    If you’re receiving invoices via email and paying them electronically, doesn’t it make sense to store receipts electronically as well? This will help your back-office become more organised and secure.
  4. Use multiple monitors at workstations for more efficiency:
    With multiple screens your employees will be able to quickly reference what they need without having to leave the screen they are working on.
  5. Use better reporting tools:
    Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to gather information on a regular basis for management reports. By giving your management team the tools they need, they’re empowered to investigate and find answers themselves.
How can you be sure which technology is right for your dealership?
Our advice would be to choose wisely and keep it simple. You ultimately want a system that is built to work together for a smooth transition from one area of your dealership to the next. The accounting department should work hand-in-hand with other departments. It also helps to remember, cheaper isn’t always better. Do some research into what will work best for you and your dealership.
If you’re already using our POWER DMS, contact your Regional Solutions Specialist who can ensure you are utilising the accounting system to its full potential on their next visit to your dealership.
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