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"...But Your Website Says You Still Have that Car Available?"

Your Dealership Website Shouldn’t Just Show Your Inventory - It Needs to Actively Drive Business

Dealerships spend thousands of pounds on internet advertising, but how often are you spending money on advertising vehicles that aren’t on your forecourt?

We all know the story: a customer calls your dealership enquiring about a vehicle they found on your website. After asking about details and the price of the vehicle, you realise the car he wants has already been sold and isn’t in your showroom anymore.

How often does this exact situation happen at your dealership? According to Autotrader, 88% of shoppers use the internet for vehicle shopping. Do you think customers will choose your dealership if the vehicle they find online isn’t the actual vehicle in your showroom?
Here are 3 tips to help your dealership manage your online inventory to prevent situations like this from happening:

1. Don’t use stock photos or generic vehicle data on your website

Using stock photos and general information about a vehicle on your website creates an unprofessional appearance for your dealership. If customers are looking at images and information that doesn’t match the car in your showroom, they’ll feel deceived and turn away from your dealership. By taking the time to upload actual images of the vehicles, regularly changing the information and details and adjusting price listings as they change, your website will generate more traffic and bring in more customers to your dealership looking to make a purchase.

2. Invest in a solution that helps you maintain your website and third-party sites

If you can’t find the time to manually maintain your online inventory, invest in a solution that does it for you. There are solutions available that will customise descriptions of individual vehicles, keep the website organised and consistent, upload the actual photos of the vehicles in your showroom, and much more. Solutions like our Aptus Web platform, will take your stock inventory from our DMS and automatically upload it into an Aptus website without you doing anything, displaying all your vehicles that are available immediately.

3. Encourage your sales manager and web provider to work closely together

Your dealership’s website serves multiple purposes - to showcase your dealership’s brands and to give your customers information. By encouraging your sales manager and your website provider to make changes regularly, you can ensure your website not only looks good, but has completely accurate information as well. Working together, they can use both of their expertise to determine which vehicles have recent customer interactions and which do not. They can use web traffic reports to effectively price vehicles more competitively, offer discounts, make price adjustments so vehicles are more attractive, and change the descriptions of vehicles not getting any attention. When they collaborate and work together toward the common goal of inventory turnaround, your dealership will meet more goals and increase sales.
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According to Autotrader, car buyers spend 59% of their time researching online before stepping foot in a dealership. Don’t let a consumer spend over half of their time on your website, and then come to your dealership and discover the car they wanted doesn’t exist. Use your website to your advantage and keep it accurate.
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The Solution
Your dealership's website shouldn’t just show your inventory — it needs to actively drive business. It gets harder every day to win online shoppers who expect a personalised and individualised service. Our Aptus website platform offers automotive customer-centric websites, expertly managed SEO services and a full suite of retailing tools that will help you turn your digital showroom into a powerful vehicle sales engine.
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