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Manage Every Part of Your Dealership

Keep Every Department In-Tune With Your Entire Dealership

Our innovative retailing solutions alongside our integrated Dealer Management System (DMS) Software delivers efficient, engaging and effective experiences in every area of your dealership for both your customers and your staff.


Accounting departments run lean.
You are frequently asked to do more with less while still maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. Since adding staff is usually not an option, we have solutions to help you effectively manage cash flow while maximising your resources.


Effectively manage all your accounting functions with software controls, posting screens, report writing and enquiry capabilities. Dealers have the ability to define and customise reports and schedules. Additional applications include Cash Receipts, Purchase Requisition Control and numerous others.

Accounting Reports

A report generator used to analyse accounting details to determine the overall effect of transactions including parts purchases, expense analysis, employee productivity, sales productivity and so on. Showing a variety of information that can be dealership-defined that is targeted to specific needs.

Time Clock

A time clock that allows employees to clock in and out on a workstation, eliminating the need for a regular time clock. Management can instantly view reports to verify payroll hours and overtime details on screen. You can also track the location or work status of any employee.

Exception Reporting

The General Manager suite provides critical financial and productivity information. Defining guidelines in a concise format for each measurement and only elements falling outside these appear on the reports. Helping dealers monitor phone costs and effectively manage their entire dealership.

Electronic Document Storage

Automatically save parts invoices, service job cards, service invoices, salary cheques, and other documents produced onto a separate disk drive that can be recalled later. Storing images of documents, including signatures which helps reduce paper storage as documents are electronic. Plus the ability to quickly and easily access months later.

Vendor Payment Tracking

Offering better control over the reconciliation and payment of purchase ledgers. Reconcile payments, give the cheque signer information needed to make decisions quickly, and automate processes that were previously performed manually. Plus schedule supplier payments to prevent uneven cash flows, as well as distribute workload better.


Compliance and profitability: two words that need to coexist in your F&I department.
Increasing regulations means a greater possibility of being fined, yet the pressure to produce profits continues. We’ll help you stay compliant with your provider of choice, move customers through your showroom and help you secure opportunities to increase your profits.

F&I eForms

This application enables dealerships to print F&I forms using a laser printer instead of using pre-printed forms. Helping dealers accelerate deal closing and improve your customers’ experience with forms straight from a printer.


Customers in your showroom are a lot are more prepared than ever.
They know specs, features and your competitors’ pricing. Dealers need to be one step ahead by stocking the right vehicles at the right prices. We help dealers meet their customers’ needs to improve communications, win the sale, increase the number of deals closed and protect your profitability.

Front-End Consulting

Internet Business Connection (IBC) gives your customers and prospects access to your dealership on-line, anytime. Users can browse vehicle stock, make service reservations, check repair order statuses, and search parts stock on-line. The IBC server transfers data to your website in real-time, so any changes appear on-line immediately.

Internet Lead Upload

Automatically transfers data from emails received from Internet lead generators to the Sales Prospect Control (SPC) software within minutes. All the records appear in the Salesperson's Online Daily Work Plan, enabling them to consistently follow-up with every Internet prospect. Helping dealers keep track of all of the leads received and showing dates.

Owner Circle

Combining elements of Internet Business Connection into a personal web page, each customer who visits your website is provided with multiple details, such as the status of a repair, make a service reservation, view outstanding campaigns and recommended maintenance, past service recommendations, and reviewing the overall service history of each vehicle.

Online Reservations

Customers have the ability to create their own reservations that automatically creates a record and sends an email confirmation. Available 24 hours a day in real-time providing better service. With the history feature, customers can view each vehicle’s history they have serviced (with zero time spent by you), which adds value to the overall customer experience.


The key to a dealership's profitability: efficiency and productivity are critical to its success.
Deliver quality service to customers to develop trust, so you can capture every revenue opportunity. Meet your department goals and keep technicians busy with a steady stream of work. Our unique combination of processes and tools helps you maximise efficiency and profitability.

Service Pricing Guide

A service and parts solution providing customers with to-the-penny service quotes in seconds. Including labour, materials and part numbers required. This easy-to-manage tool helps dealers maximise revenue.

Vehicle Report Card

Enhance your vehicle health check process by generating up-sell opportunities with an electronic vehicle inspection form directly integrated into your POWER system.

Service Upsell Tracking

Provide advisors and technicians a quick and easy method to log recommended services. Labour lines added can be tracked later through a report that analyses the up-sell rate, which can be used to make process improvements.

Service Daily Work Plan

Available on a tablet, it enables advisors to write repair orders on the service drive, without leaving the customer's vehicle. Advisors can access repair history and campaigns, up-sell items and have customers sign an electronic disclaimer form instantly.

Hand-Held Repair Order Write-Up

Generating a daily report for each service advisor that lists reservations missed, upcoming reservations, complete but unbilled invoices, and all jobs past their completion times. Providing an easy way to see problems so they can be resolved quickly.

Quick Service Write-Up

Creating quick service job cards with less information. Advisors can add a job card, flag labour, and sell parts from a single screen without contacting the parts department. The job card can be easily amended if additional work needs to be added.

Online Job Card Status

The Internet Business Connection's Job Card Inquiry feature, customers can see details of their job card, including the service advisor’s name, status, operations, and cost in real-time. Changes made are instantly reflected and no manual input is required.

Technician Electronic Control

Your technicians no longer need to leave their work area to be assigned a repair. They can also obtain vehicle history, order parts, and communicate with service advisors. Helping you become more efficient and profitable.

Service Invoicing

A database of service operation codes, parts, and labour for common repairs, to provide accurate prices and completion times. Helping dealers increase control over tasks, operate efficiently, profitably and increase customer satisfaction.


Your service department relies on you to have the right parts.
Dealers ride a tight line between having parts available and having shelves full of unnecessary equipment. You need to know what to stock to improve efficiency and eliminate errors.

Parts Stock Control

The Parts Stock Control application provides effective stock control and flexible pricing, resulting in increased profits and improved customer satisfaction. You will have the right part, in the right quantity, at the right time. The printed and on-screen reports available provide information you need to maximise sales whilst also minimising stock investment.

Vehicle Data Transfer

Enables you to automatically have your vehicle stock data sent to third parties. Your new and used vehicle stock data is automatically collected five times per week and made available to the participating suppliers you choose. By updating your information frequently, it helps eliminate concerns that the vehicles advertised on your Internet site are outdated.

Online Parts Search

With the Parts Inquiry feature of Internet Business Connection (IBC), your parts customers can search up to 72 parts at a time. It displays part number, brief description and quantity. The information is gathered from the Server in real-time, so when a part is sold, the quantity is immediately updated.

Special Orders

The application is designed to handle all of the special orders of the Parts Department. Automatically place a part on order from the manufacturer, print notification cards to mail customers and easily review the status of any order. Accurately track orders to help increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Parts Invoicing

The Parts Invoicing application automatically calculates the totals for parts invoices and then prints the invoices. This application eliminates manually calculated invoices and reduces mistakes on invoices resulting from the wrong parts prices being written down.


Stay on top of your operations and meet your goals.
Having the right information when you need it will help you work better. Get your dealership in-line with to-the-minute reports and a better flow of communication between your departments. Help your teams build sales and profits and deliver an outstanding experience for your customers.

Household Records

Quickly determine if a customer is loyal, how many drivers, vehicles, money spent by the same household by customer, vehicle or household. This enables you to keep track of contact details for each person, vehicles purchased or serviced, and the amount of money spent. If you have multiple client sites, you can track records at each site, or combine them.

Telephone Cost Control

Integrated to your phone system and server, you can view reports on-screen or print the calls lists made by your staff, so you can reduce personal calls and make sure your employees follow-ups with customers and prospects. It also allows you to better determine the necessity of expenditures for additional equipment or services.

Customer Follow-Up Emails

Outbound Correspondence and Communication allows dealers to target specific customers to follow-up by calling, send letters or emails that can be set up to automatically run and pint, reduce paper handling and posting costs. Also send instant email notifications based on an event, such as notifying all customers with a particular vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) software promotes higher sales and profitability from superior customer treatment and prompt complaint resolution. The CSI applications help you track customer complaints and the performance of people in your sales and workshop departments who have direct contact with customers.

System Admin

The silent hero in your dealership.
You manage the network, keep data secure, and make the dealership run smoothly every day. Knowing when and how to protect your dealership isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help.

Daily Operating Controls

Fully customisable controls running in real-time providing accurate performance data, allowing you to react to a change in sales and step in with marketing activities and campaign. Providing dealers with budget comparisons and performance from previous years, as well as historical trends and graphs, all built-in as standard. Helping dealers better manage their activities and encounter stronger decision making.
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