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About Us

What We Do

We develop and support software solutions for automotive retailers and manufacturers to manage all their business operations throughout the U.K. All our solutions help retailers work smarter, improve customer satisfaction and continue to remain profitable.

We offer dealers our Retail Management System that provides a set of retailing tools built to work together as one. Our solutions help dealers improve lead management, reduce compliance risk, brand their dealership, increase efficiencies and simplify all their operations.

Designed and built to provide multiple solutions to dealers for their entire dealership. Alongside our POWER Dealer Management System (DMS), providing a strong foundation for all your business’s requirements.

Several of the leading vehicle manufacturers endorse our POWER DMS Software. These include Renault-Nissan, Peugeot, Honda, Fiat and we continue to work with many others.
Reynolds UK Office
Our long standing heritage of 150 years, sets us apart from our competitors. We build and develop our solutions for the future. Our spirit of innovation and continuous development has nurtured our growth over time, offering dealers a sophisticated DMS software and web technologies for all their processes.

Our vision is to help dealers transform their dealership and their customer’s experience. This is anchored in the capability of our DMS software and supported retailing solutions which extends to every aspect. Our solutions help dealers improve customer relationships, work smarter, improve customer satisfaction and at the same time continue to remain profitable.


small-icon-computer A leading provider of software and services for car dealerships and manufacturers.
small-icon-car 150 years of working in the automotive industry.
small-icon-world Operations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, United States, and Canada.
small-icons-people More than 4,300 employees worldwide.
small-icon-POWER Several leading vehicle manufacturers endorse POWER.
We have been at the forefront of the computer industry since the 1960s. We are part of the USA-based Reynolds and Reynolds group, a key provider of Dealer Management Systems Software and services to the retail motor industry.
1896 Oliver Morland and Francis Impey setup a printing company based in Birmingham, UK.
1904 On a business trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan, Oliver saw a new loose-leaf binder and brought the idea back to the UK and started operating a forms printing business named after the town.
1960s Kalamazoo created a computer bureau to handle customer accounts for Ford UK and we began developing our own software exclusively for the retail motor trade.
1970 Universal Computer Systems (UCS) began trading as a regional data processing service bureau providing local dealerships with weekly reports of their parts inventory.
1980s UCS began supplying computer hardware, software, forms, software support, and hardware maintenance to customers in the USA.
2001 Kalamazoo was acquired by a leading dealership software provider, Universal Computer Systems, Inc (UCS).
2006 UCS merges with Reynolds and Reynolds - creating one of the world's top dealer services suppliers. In the same year, we also acquired DCS Automotive, acquiring the GDMS system.
2008 Acquired MMI Automotive and the AutoMate system.
2015 Reynolds and Reynolds purchased Contact Advantage, a market leading showroom solution providing sales and CRM functions.
Today We are now one of the biggest Dealer Management System manufacturers in the world, and offer a wide range of I.T. services, web technologies, and our Retail Management System.
Reynolds Historical Photo - Delivery Truck
Reynolds Historical Photo - Office
Reynolds UK Office Reception
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