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POWER Training Courses

Training helps you grow your business by developing skills and expertise increasing both system utilisation and productivity. We strongly recommend formal training and provide highly structured courses for all departments within your dealership, along with many refresher courses to assist your staff to fulfil their potential and maximise their value. Effective training never stands still. We constantly update our courses to take account of the latest advances in technology and your business requirements.

POWER Training Course Content

For each quarterly software release/update and where relevant there may be internet based training sessions offered covering the areas of change/enhancement. On occasion, the changes may demand a workshop held at our Head Office in Birmingham.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Overview - Life of a Prospect - Calendar Basics - Appointments - Personal and Customer Appointments - Tracking Demo's availability - Task Maintenance - Adding, Delegating, and Completing - Managing Unassigned Leads and Tasks - Obtaining and Delegating - Adding New Customers - Managing Existing Customers - Customer Letters and Emails - Service Activity and Reservations (including Watchdog) - Control Options - Adding a CRM Representative, Internet Lead Upload (ILU), Sales Marketing Plans - Daily Checklists - Manager's and Representative's Daily Checklists and Reports.

Benefits: Managers and Marketing Administrators
Pre-requisites: CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM, SPC409 & SPCDW1
Customer Satisfaction Index system overview and integration - Overview of the report card and complaint process - Reviewing Daily Work Plan display - Answering Service report cards - Answering Prospect report cards - Answering Delivery report cards - Handling CSI Complaints - Reports and Control Screens - Adding complaints from report cards - Printing complaints - Adding complaints manually - Taking actions on complaints - Resolving/Closing complaints - Review the CSI Daily Work Plan - Review the Trend Analysis and Satisfaction reports - Review control screen set up options - Setting up Department Codes - Setting up Source Codes.

Benefits: Managers and Marketing Administrators
Pre-requisites: CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM
Departmental Integration - System access and navigation - Overview and Management of each Department - Vehicle Stock, Vehicle Sales, Service and Parts - Customer Database and Marketing - Accounting Controls and reports, Instant DOC's and other enquiries - General Manager (optional feature).

Benefits: Dealer Principals and Senior Managers
Pre-requisites: CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM
Analysing Sales Management Reports to Monitor Deals - Forecasting and Instant Reports - Modifying & Copying Instant Reports - Sales Motivation Board - Enterprise Report Management.

Benefits: Vehicle Administrators and Sales Managers
Pre-requisites: Attend SLS Course
System Overview - NAD Maintenance & Categories - Posting Daily Transactions - Enquires to Journals, Schedules & G/L account details and balances - Set up Journal Options & Schedule definitions - Cash Receipts - Cheque Writer & Batch Purchase Ledger - Handling Posting Errors - S/L Statements and collections - Journal & Schedule Reports - Bank Reconciliation - DOC & G/L detail reports - Standard Entries - Accounting Activities and Monthly Procedures.

Benefits: Dealer Accountants, Financial Controllers and Accounts staff
Pre-requisites: CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM, MACPOS, MACREC, MACINQ, NADBAS, MACGL1 & Accounting knowledge
NAD Controls and Reports - Posting Vehicle Purchases and Set up of Transaction Types and VFA codes, Transfer New to Demo, Posting Vehicle Sales - FIN G/L Distributions, Parts & Service Dept Controls, Interfaces and Reports - Parts and Service end of day - VAT Verification report and Fixed Assets.

Benefits: Dealer Accountants, Financial Controllers and Accounts staff
Pre-requisites: Attend MAC1 Course
Account Analysis Report building - DOC Report building and other DOC features.

Benefits: Dealer Accountants and Financial Controllers
Pre-requisites: Attend MAC1 and MAC2 Courses
System Overview - Introduction to Outbound Correspondence and Communications - Creating WORD and other third party target documents for letters and emails - Starting OCC - Adding and testing Templates in Marketing Toolbox, Creating HTML and Text Emails in Marketing Toolbox - Transferring Emails - Requesting Reports/Letters and Emails for Service Reminder - Prospect and Sales Follow-up - Customer Privacy - Household/Driver maintenance - On Demand OCC Letters & Emails.

Benefits: Managers and Marketing Administrators
System Overview - PIC Stock Management - Stock Order Process, Stock Transactions - Parts Enquiries and Invoicing - Display Sales and Parts Reporting - Back Counter Sales and Parts Kits - Special Order System.

Benefits: Parts Managers and Supervisors
Processing Reports - Parts Financial Analysis - Guide Calculations & Sourcing - Stock Control Options - Physical Stock Audit - Parts Pricing Control - Invoicing Controls.

Benefits: Parts Managers and Supervisors
Pre-requisites: Attend PIC1
System Overview - Name and Address Maintenance - General Purchase Requisition Control - Posting Invoicing - Vehicle Purchase Requisition Control - Parts Purchase Requisition Control - Sublet Purchase Requisition Control - PRC Inquiry - Building Purchase Requisition Control Reports - Report Requests - PRC Controls.

Benefits: Accounts Staff and Purchase Ledger controllers
System Overview - Reservations and Job Cards, Costing & Invoicing - Warranty Repairs and Invoicing - Warranty Claims and Extended Service - Multiple Pay Type Repairs - Reservations and Sublet Work - Internal Invoicing - Service Management Reports - Discounts and Policy Adjustments - Technician Pay - Dealership Set up Options - Cash Records and Reports - Recalls and Campaigns - Setting up Service Advisors and Technicians - Pay Types and Labour Rates.

Benefits: Service Managers
System Overview - Bookings and Job Card flow - Reservations Diary and Workshop Loading - Technicians Time Recording - Job on Hold and Alarms - Productive and Non-Productive Categories - Setting Up Technicians and Skills - Service Technicians Efficiency Reporting - Service Diagnostic Estimates - Service History and Overview - Service Advisor Logs - 4th Generation Service and Workshop Tasks.

Benefits: Workshop Controllers
Pre-requisites:CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM, SDS266, SINDRV, SINFLG, SININV, TTRBAS or previous experience on POWER Service system.
Use POWER and System Overview - Add prospect records for new and used vehicle prospects - Update prospect records with wanted vehicle, part exchange, and ordered/chosen vehicle information - Set up appointments for prospects - Review the printed and instant Daily Work Plan - Search SPC for potential part exchanges and wanted vehicles - Reassign a salesperson's prospects - Follow-up on a salesperson's activities - Display prospect detail on-screen - Add new salespeople and establish salespersons' objectives - Use and customise vehicle stock reports - Add FIN deals for new and used vehicle sales - Changing amounts in the deal.

Benefits: Sale Managers and Designated Salespersons
Use POWER and System Overview - Add new (on-order) and used vehicles to stock - Receipt on-order vehicles into stock - Post vehicle purchases through VIN - Set up dealer-fitted vehicle options - Understand types of information salespeople add to prospect records - Using existing prospect records, add FIN deals for new and used vehicle sales - Convert quote deals to real deals - Use Sales Administration Invoicing to enter/confirm essential information and produce vehicle sales invoices - Use Navigator Mode to complete deal screens - Close and deliver deals - Add a supplemental deal to an existing deal - Add and complete fleet deals - Review deal dates and history

Benefits: Vehicle Administrators and Sales Managers
System Overview - System Administration Overview - Functions - Hardware - Parts of the Application Server, Workstations, Printers, Disk Drives, Tape Drives - Understanding Workstations - Troubleshooting and Station Maintenance - System Software and Data, Partitions, Master Console, IPL and RES Update - UserIDs and Passwords - Security Access to software programs - Report Request Options - Queue Management and Auto Reports - Tape Library Maintenance, verifying tapes - Backups - Types of backups, Troubleshooting and testing backup data - Database Reorgs - Automatic Reorgs and Drop Control - Daily Checklists - Network Email - Computer Assisted Instruction - How CAI works, displaying test scores - HELP window - Completing this course prepares you to manage the general use of your dealership's Reynolds and Reynolds POWER system including system hardware, software, and security.

Benefits: Dealer Systems Administrators
Pre-requisites: CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM
Subject to demand we are able to offer Operator Level Courses.
System Overview - Name and Address - Customer & Supplier Maintenance - Posting Purchase Invoices and Journals - Posting Miscellaneous Invoices - Journal and Schedule Enquiries - Journal and Schedule Reports - Sales Ledger - Statements and Collections Information - Posting Cash Receipts -Handling Posting Errors - Batch Purchase Ledger - Bank Reconciliation.

Benefits: Accounts staff
Pre-requisites: CAI - SYSSTN, SYSERM, NADBAS, MACPOS, MACREC, MACINQ & Accounting knowledge
System Overview and Navigation - PIC Stock Management and Stock Record Maintenance - Stock Order Process including Receipting Methods - LOG Transactions and Supersessions - Parts Enquiries and Invoicing Front Counter Quotes, Credit Notes and Credit Reversals - Back Counter Sales and Parts Kits - Name and Address - Customer maintenance - Parts Special Order System - PIC Recap and validation.

Benefits: Parts Staff
System Overview - Reservations, Diary and allocating Courtesy Cars - Customer Paid Job Cards, Costing and Invoicing - Warranty Jobs, Costing and Invoicing - Extended Service and Contribution Jobs - Multiple Pay Type Jobs and Invoice - Percentage splits - Internal Invoicing - Advisors Job Card log sheet - 4th Generation Service Tasks - Quotes and Proforma invoicing - Service History and Overview - Reports - Diary, WIP, Un-invoiced jobs - SIN Recap and Validation.

Benefits: Service Advisors

Refresher Courses

Optimise the diary and future bookings by monitoring skills and resource availability - Monitor your workshop status using the Advisor Log - Improve controls of sublet, discounts and policy adjustments - Control courtesy cars - Up-sell regular maintenance jobs and previously recommended repairs - Additional charges included depending on type of repair - Auto add VRC health checks, and specific labour lines like valeting, and pre-book the next visit on collection - Monitor workshop efficiency and profitability - Design your own KPI and DOC reports - Review Marketing opportunities, regular maintenance, campaigns, lapsed customers, CSI follow up etc.

Benefits: Service Managers and After Sales Managers
Pre-requisites: POWER Service experience
Control discounting effectively to balance and retain customers, while maintaining maximum profit - Monitor Credits and Low profit, or any other area of concern within sales - Increase sales by subliminal advertising, making use of kits and special orders - Pro-actively market your customer base and monitor any lapsed customers - Fully control your stock orders to match customer demand, and prevent excess or obsolete stock building up. At the same time reduce the need for emergency orders - Analyse customer sales and profit, plus the departments' performance - Reconcile Parts stock with Accounts stock - Monitor all stock: obsolete, excess, seasonal, non-stock items, Watch and Zero Guide Parts.

Benefits: After Sales Managers, Parts Managers, and Supervisors
Pre-requisites: POWER Parts experience
Review whole system and integration from all departments - Financial reporting and analysis - Using DOC's, Accounts Analysis reports, Advanced G/L Review, G/L Balance Enquiries and graphs - Audit Trails and VAT reports - Standard Profit and Performance reports within each department - Additional features include Accounting Desktop, Bank and Dealer Stocking Plan reconciliations, Clean Up, Uploading data from Excel, regular journals and Standard Entries, benefits of Journal Vouchers and Purchase Requisition Control - Inter-divisional controls and posting - Security Profiles - Financial access and control - Resolve any specific issues.

Benefits: Dealer Accountants and Financial Controllers
Pre-requisites: POWER Accounts experience
Monitor and review pending hot prospects - Analyse lost sales and advertising effectiveness - Monitor sales targets and objectives - Automate regular options and figures for each sales deal - Review accurate SIV and outstanding costs - Accrue and manage late cost - Produce your own stock report - Produce accurate profit reports - Review marketing opportunities and sales follow up - Open workshop for any other issues

Benefits: Sale Managers and Business Managers
Pre-requisites: POWER Vehicle experience
Capturing data from Sales and Service applications - Set up required or desired fields in Sales and Service applications - Best practice routines to search database and on-going maintenance - Identify duplicates and exceptions in Household - Use of data quality reports and Queries to check for missing data - Set up Marketing templates - Marketing opportunities for Sales and Service follow up - Automating any regular Marketing - Open forum for any specific issues.

Benefits: Marketing Managers and Administrators
Pre-requisites: OCC and Marketing experience on POWER
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